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GB Underwriting is a successful, privately-owned underwriting agency business, founded in 2003. We have a track record of steady, measured growth combined with solid underwriting results. This is mainly due to GB’s commitment to working with insurance broking partners who value our non-generalist business approach.

The development of technical automation in the insurance market means that the art and skill of underwriting and individual risk assessment is dying-out. Fewer and fewer so-called “underwriters” are able to make decisions away from their computer screens. At GB, we have retained traditional underwriting knowledge, flexibility and skills and we seek to perpetuate these competencies throughout our organisation. At the same time, we do recognize that certain straight-forward insurance purchases are perfectly suited to an online platform. Find out more at GB online.

We also believe GB can engage in a successful expansion of the business without compromising our steadfast commitment to treat our employees, business partners and customers with integrity and decency. We are determined to prove that professionalism and financial success can be realised whilst maintaining an attractive and rewarding business environment. In short, we want GB Underwriting to be a success and a great place to work.

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You might have gathered that we also have a great fondness for bees and are actively engaged in the campaign to prevent their decline. Click here to find out more and meet ‘G-Bee’.


GB is principally recognised for its knowledge and expertise in addressing the insurance needs of businesses engaged in the building, construction and associated trades. While we have expanded our product offering from liability to include material damage (property) packages and professional indemnity, we continue to direct our attentions to the needs of our historic customer base.

We have developed a broad range of specialist construction-focussed insurance products. We know our clients, we know their industry, and we know the risks they face. This means we also know how to design insurance that is fit for purpose.


We are one of the UK’s leading online providers of Excess Layer insurance because we offer a straight forward, easy-to-use facility for instant excess liability limits as well as excess professional indemnity. You can contact GB or get Excess Layer cover online via our dedicated website .

Services for UK based businesses only. GB Underwriting Limited is an independent intermediary and authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and is entered on the FCA register under reference 304281.
Registered Office: 6th Floor, One America Square, 17 Crosswall, London EC3N 2LB
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