Who are the GB Beekeepers?

We are the little guys who take care of GB’s 80,000 honey bees. It’s a physically demanding, full-time job but offers great rewards. Much like Willy Wonka’s Oompa Loompas, we are genetically identical and work alongside the G-Bees. It’s very much a team approach.

What do we do all day?

This varies depending on the time of year. Working a hive includes removing the honeycomb, running the special extracting machines, deep cleaning the tanks, sterilising and filling the jars and proudly sticking the GB labels on.

Do we like our job?

Like everyone we have our good days and bad days but generally we are a pretty even tempered bunch, with a strong work ethic.

How many GB Beekeepers are there?

This is a tad embarrassing but we’ve actually lost count of our population. Much like the bees themselves, we just seem to multiply!

Is it a risky business?

It can be at times but GB Beekeepers adhere to strict health and safety procedures to minimise accidents. If something does go wrong we have excellent insurance cover!

Is it a messy business?

Darn right! You should see us all after an extraction. The queue for the shower is ridiculous.

Where do we live?

In James Gerry’s back garden – simple lodgings but fit for purpose.

Head Beekeeper
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